Learn how Plane support provided engineering and manufacturing solutions to Jet City to secure the XVIVO Heart Box System for air travel.

Client: Jet City

Plane Support Solutions:

  • Design & Drafting

  • Engineering

  • 3D CAD Images

  • Prototyping & Manufacturing

  • One-off PC


JetCity are the trusted professionals in Aeromedical evacuations. They work in conjunction with specialised medivac staff, and their fleet are certified to operate missions throughout Australia, Asia Pacific and worldwide.

Jet City required a more reliable way to transport the XVIVO Heart Box System during air transport. The Heart Box System transports human hearts between donor and recipient hospitals.

The organ is stored in the box to maintain the organ status as it was when harvested from the donor. The transport time can be several hours without interference from the operator. Medical professionals monitor the box during the whole transport chain.

The challenge for Jet City was having a reliable way to transport the Heart Box System during air travel on the Learjet 45. They required a system that secured the storage box to keep the organ safe and protect medical staff on board the aircraft should the system dislodge during transport.

The XVIVO Heart Box System is powered by internal aircraft power however, if needed it has two hours power with an internal battery. There are provisions for additional battery power in the event of an ongoing aircraft unserviceability via a separate UPS located next to the main box. JetCity required these solutions within a short time frame of four days.

Plane Support responded quickly with design, engineering and manufacturing solutions. The team provided JetCity with 3D CAD images to be reviewed. Once approved, it went straight into production and quickly fast-tracked from the Gold Coast manufacturing facility to Essendon Fields in time for Jet City to install to the aircraft.

Plane Support also developed a separate battery pack restraint system to hold the UPS that will run for an additional four hours, giving the unit six hours of power with full functionality.

Jet City has a reliable and secure system to transport the XVIVO Heart Box by air, fitted to the Learjet 45 that is adaptable to any aircraft. It also has extended battery life to ensure the organ is safely managed during transportation, ready for the organ recipient. In addition to this, the system and battery pack meet the requirements for Electrical safety, Mechanical safety and EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference).



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