Aircraft in-flight entertainment system

One the most exciting things available for aircraft owners and operators right now is on demand wireless entertainment.

For a limited time only, Plane Support is offering FREE demonstrations of the Flight Data Systems (FDS) do CAPSULE™ Entertainment system.

The do CAPSULE™ is a wireless streaming media platform for fleet and business aircraft. It is the core of the do EXPERIENCE™, a full spectrum of In-flight Entertainment options including fully-licensed DRM compliant movies, music, photos, business productivity, moving map, and more. Connected to a Wi-Fi router, the do CAPSULE streams content to passengers in-flight through their own device.

Benefits of the do CAPSULE™ are:

  • Content is stored via removable hard drives on the do CAPSULE™ module aboard the aircraft, eliminating the need for broadband Internet connections.
  • The first “one terabyte” drive is included in the system and can be loaded with purchased or customer content.
  • A supporting router produces a Wi-Fi signal, allowing passengers to access content via their own devices.
  • Includes media organizer software to allow content to be accessed and organised, with custom playlists and the ability to search by movie rating, music type, and even length so that passengers don’t run out of time to watch a film or concert because they’re landing.
  • Constantly updated moving map (2 & 3D) is available via a single click from any screen.
  • Easy to use and install with little or no aircraft modification

If you want the best for your airplane, then you will want to look at the do CAPSULE™ Inflight Entertainment system.

For a free demonstration within Australia only call 1300 170 883 or CONTACT US



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